Tec-Know Shine New Light on LED

The last decade has been an exciting time for the signage industry. Major advances in machinery, materials, manufacturing techniques and technology have allowed sign manufacturers to produce unique, high quality signage products with the push of a button – take digital printing for example, we can now print directly to almost any substrate. The possibilities are now endless!

The LED industry has been a major factor in the rise of slimmer, brighter and higher quality illuminated signage. Long gone are the days of bending neon to illuminate a channel letter or wiring fluoro lights to illuminate a sign cabinet. LED modules are getting smaller and brighter and with the introduction of Strip LED lighting and ‘Side-LED’ modules, we are only limited by our imaginations.

A long-standing supplier and innovator in Sign Illumination is Tec-Know Signage Products based in Sydney, NSW. From humble beginnings as a neon glass and component supplier, they are now one of Australia’s leading LED suppliers. In 2016, Tec-Know is excited to be the exclusive supplier of Bounce LED premium LED modules. The Bounce LED family is made of 14 key products, which cover all aspects of signage manufacturing and illumination techniques.

bounceledThe baby of the Bounce LED range is the affectionately named ‘Nano’. It is a tiny 0.48W, three-bulb module that packs a huge punch! This is the LED you must have if illuminating narrow stroke width channel letters. Using high-tech lenses it will operate in letters as shallow as 30mm in depth. If you have a little more room to play with, you may want to consider the Nano’s big brothers, the ‘Micro’ and the ‘Apex’. Both suitable for Channel letter applications and operate in depths as low as 40mm and up to 150mm.

Nowadays, it is rare to see fluoro lighting used in large lightbox illumination. With recent developments in LED technology, competitive pricing, and next to no servicing required, LED is the clear choice for illuminating sign cabinets. Two LED’s in the Bounce LED range have made this possible. Introducing the ‘Aspect’ and the ‘Luminaire’. These are a square format three-bulb and four-bulb LED module delivering up to 3.0W of power with module pitches of 300mm at 250mm depth.

This means that you will use as little as nine modules per square meter, making large flex face light boxes very efficient to illuminate with an even spread of light. While there have been many advances in LED module technology, one of the biggest innovations is in LED Side Lighting. In the Bounce LED range, there are three solutions for Side Lighting applications starting with the most compact and versatile, the ‘Blade’. The ‘Blade’ boasts a slim three-bulb construction pumping out 2.88W of power. By placing the Blade module on one side of a lightbox, it will evenly illuminate a sign cabinet as narrow as 50mm and up 100mm.

For larger sign cabinets with a depth of 120mm to 400mm, look no further than the high power Bounce LED ‘Bolt’ and ‘Blaster’. These single bulb LED’s have a maximum power output of 4.5W and throw a curtain of light up to 1.5m from the LED source making large lightboxes cheaper than ever to illuminate.

As well as the leaps made in module LED Lighting, the humble Strip Light has also received some much-needed love. Bounce LED and Tec-Know are proud to bring the most comprehensive range of Strip Lighting to the Australian Market. The Bounce LED Strip-Light range features a variety of flexible, ‘side-light’, waterproof, high power and low power options.

With the development of Flexible Strip Lighting such as Bounce LED’s ‘Cobra’, manufacturers now have the capability to quickly and efficiently illuminate solid opal acrylic letters by simply routing a small trench in the back of the letter and inlaying the flexible strip light. Just a couple of years ago, this could only be dreamt about! Whether it’s feature lighting, face lighting, halo lighting, solid LED lettering or back lighting, the Bounce LED Strip-Light range has a solution for you.

They have also recently been appointed the Australian Distributor for sign industry specific software, LED Wizard. This software allows

manufacturers to import vector artwork, nominate the depth of letter, size and face material and the software will calculate the best module and LED placement for the project. It will even produce a vector file for CNC Routers with a layout to engrave the letter or cabinet backs with the LED placement, making laying the modules a cinch.

Tec-Know is not you average LED supply shop. The company Director, Simeon Krecklenberg, is focused on giving consumers the best possible experience and results. Tec-Know provide a unique ‘plug and play’ service where they not only supply all LED products and components, they will also supply you with LED layouts (using LED Wizard software) specific to your project to ensure the correct LED specification and placement is used. You no longer need to wonder what LED product will work best for a particular project, simply email your design to receive pricing, quantities and a specification on the best products to use.

To compliment the extensive Bounce LED range, Tec-Know are also suppliers of Meanwell Transformers which carry a 7 year warranty. In addition, Tec-Know also supply the very popular, Samsung driven GOQ range of LED modules from Korea. Products sold by Tec-Know carry a minimum 5 year warranty and are stocked and distributed from their headquarters in Marrickville, Sydney.

Tec-know Signage Products supply modern signmakers with everything that they need to create beautiful LED illuminated signage, from large-scale sky signs to intricate channel letters and bespoke lightboxes. Contact us for a chat about how we can help with your next project.