Video: Acrylic Channel Letters with Bounce Cobra


The Bounce Cobra by Tec-Know is a flexible strip-light purpose-built for wow factor. The zig-zag design allows the Cobra to duck and weave around the tightest of contours with ease. It’s used to illuminate the most intricate channel letters and lightboxes with dramatic results.

In this example we’ll be using the Bounce Cobra strip to create a slimline channel logo.

  • Let’s go over how it works. To create our acrylic channel we take 25 to 30mm opal acrylic material and mill a channel for our LED strip. We then cut the backing panel from 3mm white acrylic, which when pressed together, create a perfect sealed unit.
  • Here’s our project pack from Tec-Know. It includes our layout, Australian Standard compliant transformer, wiring kit and LED lights.
  • Start wiring by laying LED’s on the cut acrylic backing panels. To ensure an even spread of light use the LED layout supplied. Drill holes and tuck the wire tails out the back.
  • You can leave the edges illuminated, but for the most even illumination we recommend blockout vinyl wrap or a painted finish to block the sign edges. Just make sure that there is a white layer on the inside to allow maximum light reflection
  • Clip the milled acrylic shell to the wired backing panels and it’s time to power up!

Here we’ve created super thin signage that appears to float in mid air. Great impact, easy to make, and utilising smart LED technology.

The Bounce Cobra comes with a 5-year manufacturers warranty and is available in a warm 3200k or bright 6500k.

Smart signage done right, powered by Tec-Know.

Tec-know Signage Products supply modern signmakers with everything that they need to create beautiful LED illuminated signage, from large-scale sky signs to intricate channel letters and bespoke lightboxes. Contact us for a chat about how we can help with your next project.