Video: Bounce Wizard Online Tool Now Live

Bounce Wizard is a free online LED estimator for channel letters and light boxes, powered by Tec-Know and Bounce LED. It allows you to calculate exactly how many Bounce LED modules you’ll need to illuminate your channel letters and sign cabinets right from your web browser.

From quoting through to production, Bounce Wizard takes the guesswork out of calculating module placement to ensure even illumination. You’ll be surprised at how Bounce Wizard will speed up your quoting and production workflow.

The tool automatically selects the best module for the job and positions the modules in a way that ensures bright, even lighting. It even calculates the how much power the LED modules will draw and recommends the best power supply for the sign. From there it’s easy to print, save a pdf, of send directly to your local Bounce LED distributor for a quote or order

How it works – Channel Letters

Bounce Wizard operates in two ways depending on the sign type – channel letter or sign cabinet.

Calculating channel letter layouts is easy. Choose letter height, select a typeface, and letter depth. From this information, Bounce Wizard calculates which modules can be used in that particular application.

Most people prefer to see a layout rather than just numbers, and this is where Bounce Wizard shines. Type in the text you’d like to test and click ‘Populate’ to generate an instant visual.

To change the specification or to sample another module, choose your new options from the drop down menus and click populate to refresh.

Once you have your layout, you have the option to email, print or save a pdf.

How it works – Sign Cabinets

Bounce Wizard will also generate accurate layouts for sign cabinets. Click the second icon to activate this mode.

Choose cabinet height, width, depth, preferred LED module and click populate to get an instant visual. Bounce Wizard will calculate options for both backlit and latest in side lit modules.

As well as a visual, Bounce Wizard also gives you a breakdown of the power supply requirements which making quoting and ordering easy.

You’re sure to find a place for Bounce Wizard in your sign making workflow. The ability to know how many modules you’ll need and where to place the, for optimum illumination is a great for quoting and production. You can even generate drawings on the fly from a tablet or phone on-site.

Designers will love the ability to create accurate shop drawings and specify the best module for the job.

Bounce Wizard is now online at signage done right, powered by Tec-Know.

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