Video: Get Started with Side Lighting


Side light LED modules allow sign manufacturers to illuminate large sign cabinets quickly, easily and efficiently. These modules modules work by using advanced optics to cast narrow beam of light across the face of the sign.

Tec-Know was one of the first suppliers to bring side light modules into Australia and continues to innovate in the LED market. Today, Tec-Know is the exclusive distributor of the Bounce LED side light range, which consists of three core modules.

The Bounce Blade is for thin Lightboxes 50-100 mm. The second module, the Bounce Bolt is for medium depth sign boxes 150-200 mm (suits most common sign extrusions). The final module is the Bounce Blaster. This is for large sign cabinets with 200mm or greater depth.


Let’s take an 1800 x 800 x 200mm sign cabinet as an example application. Traditionally this would be lit using a series of fluoro tubes. Instead, we’ll be using two strings of 15 Bounce Bolt side light modules to illuminate this sign.

For best light reflectivity to ensure internal of the lightbox is painted satin white

Using your supplied LED layout, either mount the LEDs directly to the sign frame or pre-mount them on a satin white ACM strip where it’s easier to measure spacing. Mount LEDs two-thirds of the way towards the back of the sign to allow optimum light diffusion and avoid ‘hotspotting’.

Once all modules have been mounted secure the LEDs with glue..

Finally wire the LED modules to the transformer and test LEDs are working

LED vs Fluoro

Compared to fluoro lighting, side light modules are cheaper to install, provide increased energy efficiency, require less maintenance all while delivering the same level of brightness as traditional fluoro tubes.

40% of all Side-LED modules sold in the US are purchased for the purpose of retrofitting old fluoro-based signs. Depending on the condition of the lightbox, you may be able to retrofit an existing fluoro-lit sign boxes with side light LED modules. The Bounce Bolt is ideally suited to the 150-200mm depth extrusion used in many Australian medium sized sign cabinets and under awning signs. Just make sure you have a qualified electrician to carry out any 240V disconnection and re-connections that may be required.

Next time you’re looking to illuminate a sign cabinet, consider side lighting to illuminate sign cabinets quickly, easily and efficiently.

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