Create Illuminated Channel Letters with Bounce LED

Whether you’re a seasoned signage professional or just like to see how things work, the latest offering from Tec-Know’s instructional video series is a great insight into the inner workings of modern channel letter signs.


Once lit using moulded neon tubes, channel letters are now illuminated using compact LED modules, which provide bright, energy efficient illumination.

Channel letter ‘cans’ are made from precision fabricated acrylic or aluminium and are typically made by specialist sign makers or sheetmetal workers.

The process of installing Bounce LED modules in large format channel letters is fairly straightforward.

The first step is preparation. For best light reflectivity, ensure the inside of the letter is coated white. Clean and remove any debris from inside the letter.

Use your supplied computer generated LED layout to position LED modules for even light, every time. The team at Tec-Know will assess your specification and supply the best module for the job.

Begin placing modules in position using the adhesive on the back of the module. Continue placing modules until all modules are in position – for secure fixing, caulk a bead of glue to make sure letters don’t move.

Following this, carefully drill holes out the back of the letters and to allow connecting wire through for connection through to the transformer.

Because we’re working with low voltage, we can use WAGO wiring clips for quick, easy and secure connection. Once all wiring connections have been made to the transformer we’re ready to test.

The module used in the Tec-Know video is from the Optic Plus from the Bounce Premium. Bounce LED modules are high quality modules that are warranted for 6 years which is an important consideration when installing in locations that have limited accessibility.

Whether it’s a small reception sign or large-format sky sign, with the right modules in the right position we can achieve even, bright illumination of signage every time.

Tec-know Signage Products supply modern signmakers with everything that they need to create beautiful LED illuminated signage, from large-scale sky signs to intricate channel letters and bespoke lightboxes. Contact us for a chat about how we can help with your next project.