How It Works?

Are you new to Tec-Know and wondering how it all works? When you choose Tec-Know as your LED supplier for your signage project we do the hard work for you.



Dealing with Tec-Know isn’t like dealing with your average LED supply shop. As well as great quality products we provide a unique ‘plug and play’ service where we supply all LED modules, accessories, products and components, and also include LED layouts with every project to ensure great results, every time.

First you send us your artwork and sign details. Our intuitive online enquiry system makes it easy to get in touch. Alternatively you can email scaled vector artwork and details directly to us at

Our experienced team analyse your artwork and sign details and select the best module for your project from our wide range of sign industry specific back-light, side-light and flex strip LED solutions from Bounce LED and GOQ.

We then use industry-leading software, LED Wizard to calculate exactly how many modules and transformers you’ll need to achieve perfect illumination for your project. A comprehensive quote is prepared and sent through at this stage.

Upon the approval of your quote, the modules and power supplies for your project are delivered direct to your door. We have distribution centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, and offer ‘next day’ delivery Australia-wide.



Visit our website,, or contact our sales team at or 1800 TECKNOW to get started on your new signage project today!

Tec-know Signage Products supply modern signmakers with everything that they need to create beautiful LED illuminated signage, from large-scale sky signs to intricate channel letters and bespoke lightboxes. Contact us for a chat about how we can help with your next project.