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Get the Neon Look with Bounce Novaneon

. While LED is now considered the standard in the sign illumination market, for over 50 years neon was the standard. Tec-Know has a rich history with neon, starting out as a neon distributor of the popular Italian ‘Tecnolux’ brand … Continued

How It Works?

Are you new to Tec-Know and wondering how it all works? When you choose Tec-Know as your LED supplier for your signage project we do the hard work for you.     Dealing with Tec-Know isn’t like dealing with your … Continued

Create Illuminated Channel Letters with Bounce LED

Whether you’re a seasoned signage professional or just like to see how things work, the latest offering from Tec-Know’s instructional video series is a great insight into the inner workings of modern channel letter signs.   Once lit using moulded neon … Continued

Video: Get Started with Side Lighting

  Side light LED modules allow sign manufacturers to illuminate large sign cabinets quickly, easily and efficiently. These modules modules work by using advanced optics to cast narrow beam of light across the face of the sign. Tec-Know was one … Continued

Video: Bounce Wizard Online Tool Now Live

Bounce Wizard is a free online LED estimator for channel letters and light boxes, powered by Tec-Know and Bounce LED. It allows you to calculate exactly how many Bounce LED modules you’ll need to illuminate your channel letters and sign cabinets … Continued

Video: Acrylic Channel Letters with Bounce Cobra

  The Bounce Cobra by Tec-Know is a flexible strip-light purpose-built for wow factor. The zig-zag design allows the Cobra to duck and weave around the tightest of contours with ease. It’s used to illuminate the most intricate channel letters and lightboxes with … Continued

Fast Online LED Layouts with Bounce Wizard

The Bounce Wizard online layout tool has launched. Use the complimentary ‘Bounce Wizard’ online tool to calculate exactly how many Bounce LED modules you’ll need to illuminate your channel letters and sign cabinets right from your web browser. From quoting … Continued

Tec-Know Shine New Light on LED

The last decade has been an exciting time for the signage industry. Major advances in machinery, materials, manufacturing techniques and technology have allowed sign manufacturers to produce unique, high quality signage products with the push of a button – take … Continued

Channel Letter Estimating

Precise estimates pave the way to consistent job profitability The task of accurately estimating your costs on LED channel letter jobs is critical. Your proposal needs to be spot on—too high and you may lose the job to someone else; … Continued

Tec-know Signage Products supply modern signmakers with everything that they need to create beautiful LED illuminated signage, from large-scale sky signs to intricate channel letters and bespoke lightboxes. Contact us for a chat about how we can help with your next project.